Things to Know About Wine degustation’s

There are many things to know about wine degustations, and Tuscany is one of those places worth knowing a lot more about. Wine tasting is an art, the physical assessment, and evaluation of wines, in general.

While the process of formal wine tasting is as old as the production itself, a much-formalized methodology now has been developed over the last fourteen years or so, mostly in Tuscany, Italy.

The Grape juice that makes up a bottle of wine is called ‘vita’. Most Italian wine is produced with the use of hybrid grapes, and the process of grape growing upsets the natural chemistry of the grapes so that their flavor doesn’t fully mature.

This means that most Italian wines will lose their freshness over the months of the growing season – and that’s not a pleasant experience for you if you’re planning on enjoying them any time soon. So the traditional ripening of the grapes is interrupted, and the resulting wines are often less fruity than their better-known counterparts.

As it turns out, this whole ripening process of grapes used to be undertaken by hand, using specialized equipment. And as it turns out, if you go to any Italian wine tasting event and take a seat at any of the table wine that is served, you’ll notice that the majority of these wines have been created using the same methods that have been used for hundreds of years.

However, in modern times, mechanized machinery has been used to speed the ripening process, thereby making Italian wines even more desirable to drink.

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